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Year (AOY) Competition
As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), we are excited to share more about the valuable opportunities presented by the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) Apprenticeship program. At IEC, we take pride in offering an outstanding apprenticeship experience, and we want to shed light on the Apprentice of the Year (AOY) competition, which honors the exceptional achievements of apprentices across the country.

About IEC’s Apprenticeship Program

With over 50 chapters nationwide, IEC provides an exceptional apprenticeship program that goes beyond traditional training. As an IEC electrical apprentice, you’ll have the chance to earn a competitive wage while working on exciting projects with a contracting company. Simultaneously, you’ll enhance on-the-job learning with IEC instruction in the classroom, setting the stage for career advancement.

How to Get Started

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Join over 16,000 apprentices who have benefited from IEC’s exceptional training at our across the nation. Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week by investing in your future with IEC!

National Apprentice of the Year (AOY) Competition
The IEC National Apprentice of the Year (AOY) Competition is an annual showcase of top graduates from IEC apprenticeship programs nationwide. At SPARK, apprentices engage in various challenges, such as a written exam and showcasing their productivity on the jobsite. The prizes encompass awards, tools, national acknowledgment, and cash rewards. To gain a thorough understanding of the 2023 AOY competition, explore the following:
For individuals who are ready to join the rewarding journey in the electrical industry through the IEC apprenticeship program, the first step is to connect with your local chapter. 
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